Considerate Constructors

Last year we successfully launched 3 new developments and 126 new properties, each of which were planned, designed and built with the purpose of creating thriving communities. 


As part of our commitment to building new and contemporary homes, we register all our construction sites with the Considerate Constructors Scheme. This not-for-profit, independent scheme, encourages the best possible practice during all stages of construction, and ensures that each site, company and supplier involved is focused on adhering to the highest possible standards. 


The Considerate Constructors Scheme code has five key areas which need to be adhered to:


1.     Care about Appearance – We ensure that sites appear professional and well managed. Our developments are continuously organised, clean and tidy throughout construction. 

2.      Respect to the community –We want to ensure that our developments cause as little disruption as possible. We do this through keeping all individuals involved, informed throughout the construction. 

3.      Protect the environment – We understand that any construction work can affect the environment. Our constructors aim to identify, manage and promote environmental issues.

4.     Secure everybody’s safety – We have systems in place that care for the safety of the public, visitors and the workforce and ultimately minimise security risks to neighbours. 


5.     Value their workforce – Each of our construction sites aim to provide a supportive and caring environment. The health and wellbeing of each workforce is crucial for us, and we aim to encourage, support and respect every employee.


We’re proud to support the Considerate Constructors Scheme code in order to help minimise the potential negative impact of construction on the wider community, workers and the environment. To find out more information about the Considerate Constructors Scheme, please click here.


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